My life before 8th grade

  • My Date of birth

    My Date of birth
    This is the date i was born in Ashville N.C. I weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces.My mom, dad and nanna was there. Copyright © PureBaby.comAll Rights Reserved
  • When i 1st walked

    When i 1st walked
    This is the date i 1st started walking... © 2004—2009 Фотоагентство
  • Started Talking

    Started Talking
    This is the date i started talking....
  • when i got JRA

    when i got JRA
    This is the date i found out i had JRA (juevinil rhumetoid arthritis) i got it when i was 18 monhths old and have had it ever since....
  • Got my dog Lacey

    Got my dog Lacey
    This is the date i got my 2nd dog lkacey she is a toy yorkie and weighed 3 pounds when we got her but now shr weighs 7 pounds and is 12 years old... Copyright © 2001-2010 by
  • My baby cousin was born

    This is when my baby cousin samanthe nichole burrell was born....she is noe 5 years old and just started kindergarden.....
  • Went to Disney World for the !st time

    We wnt ot disney world and i was in 5th grade and we went to all 4 parks in 4 days....
  • Got Braces

    This is when i got braces in the 6th grade...i get then off this december...cant wait
  • Meet maria and kassie

    last year o meet my 2 best friends in the whole world Maria and Kassie...Then i found out that kassie was my cousin...
  • 8th grade

    this is the date of my 1st day in 8th grade also my last year at canton middle.