Timeline of Gabon

  • Jan 1, 1470

    Portuguese Arrive

    Portuguese Arrive
    Portuguese arrive in what is now Gabon.
  • French Control

    French Control
    Local Mpongwe ruler signs away sovereignty to the French.
  • Gabon Goes French

    Gabon Goes French
    Gabon becomes part of French Equatorial Africa.
  • Gabon Wants Independence

    Gabon Wants Independence
    Gabon votes to become autonomous republic in the French Community.
  • Gabon Gets Independence

    Gabon Gets Independence
    Gabon becomes independent.
  • New President

    New President
    Leon Mba elected president.
  • Mba's Death

    Mba's Death
    Omar Bongo becomes president after Mba dies.
  • Oppposition to the Government

    Oppposition to the Government
    Opposition parties legalised, accuse the government of fraud in parliamentary elections held in September and October.
  • Constituition

    Parliament adopts a new constitution that formalises the multi-party system.
  • Bongo Stays President

    Bongo Stays President
    Omar Bongo narrowly wins presidential election, the first held under the new multi-party constitution; opposition accuses government of electoral fraud.
  • Bongo Re-elected Again

    Bongo Re-elected Again
    Bongo re-elected to a seven-year term.
  • Constitution Amended

    Constitution Amended
    Constitution changed to allow President Bongo to run for president as many times as he wishes.
  • Omar Re-elected Once Again

    Omar Re-elected Once Again
    Omar Bongo is re-elected as president. Opposition supporters clash with police in the capital.
  • Gabon talks with Equatorial Guinea on Land-Oil Agreement

    Gabon talks with Equatorial Guinea on Land-Oil Agreement
    Gabon and Equatorial Guinea agree to start talks over disputed islands in potentially oil-rich waters in the Gulf of Guinea.
  • Bongo Win's Parliamentary Elections

    Bongo Win's Parliamentary Elections
    President Bongo's party wins parliamentary elections comfortably amid opposition accusations of fraud.
  • Government Ban

    Government Ban
    Government temporarily bans 20 non-governmental organisations for alleged interference in politics.
  • French Freeze Bongo

    French Freeze Bongo
    French court freezes President Omar Bongo's bank accounts in the country after he was ordered to return a payment made to him to release a jailed French businessman, Rene Cardona.
  • Bongo Dies

    Bongo Dies
    President Omar Bongo dies while undergoing treatment at a clinic in Spain.
  • Presidential Election

    Presidential Election
    Ali Ben Bongo, son of the late president, is declared winner. Critics say the poll was fixed to ensure a dynastic succession, and opposition supporters clash with security forces.