Australian history

  • my MUM's dad

    He is doign a chinese song show on T.V when he was 17 years old. when he was 10 years old a war is coming a big one but now we are safe .
  • Grandpa

    The is the war in China ware my grandpa was born . he is a doctor and at last won the war.
  • my mum's mum

    My mum's mum was born in this date, the that datewere no war
  • Grandma

    The was no war in China in this year.
  • Daddy

    When my daddy meet my mum ,that was high school they were marry in 1997.
  • my big brother

    my brother was a bad boy in the old days but he change when he go to high school, he become a good person now.
  • ME(When i was stared walking)

    I was stared walking when i was 1 and a half years old.
  • Aunt's son

    He is born in a hostpital call TaiSan. he is so cute and awesome
  • Jason my little brother

    He was born in BoxHill hospital . now he is 2 month old . Beause of he i have to look after hime everyday and can't get any sleep.