Nellie melba lg

dame nellie melba

  • Birth day

    Dame Nellie Melba also known as Porter Mitchell was born at Richmond, Melbourbe.
  • Dame started school at the age of 6

  • Dame left school

    depressed and devasted by his mum and sister's death she stopped studying
  • Dame married Charles Nisbett Frederick Armstrong

    Dame married Charles Nisbett Frederick Armstrong
    Dame and Charles was blessed with a son named George
  • Dame left Mackay for Melbourne

    Dame left Mackay for Melbourne
    after George's bith Dame had enough courage to move to melbourne and persue her dream to be a professional singer.
  • Début concert

    Début concert
    Dame made her début at a Liedertafel concert at the Melbourne Town Hall. For 6 years Melba had numbers of début around Australia and eventually became famous.
  • Dame met Philippe, Duke of Orleans

    Dame met  Philippe, Duke of Orleans
    A man with positon who had been Dame's lover. later Armstrong filed for devorce because of adultery from Dame side. It had been in the papers for a long time
  • Melba's home coming

    In 1902, after years spent singing in the great Opera Houses of Europe and acclaimed by both press and the public Dame Nellie Melba made a triumphant homecoming tour, with concerts throughout the country.
  • Melba as an artist

    Melba created the title role in Saint-Saëns' opera, Helene, at Monte Carlo; and in 1906-07, since she was displeased with the Metropolitan, she deserted it for the recently founded, rival Manhattan Opera House, which she revived financially with a triumphant season.
  • During WWI

    When World War I broke out, Melba had recently arrived at Coombe Cottage. To go back to Europe was difficult, but she did make three wartime concert tours of North America where she excited pro-allied sentiment, and also applied herself to raising funds for war charities at home, most notably by her spirited auctioneering of flags at the conclusion of her concerts.
  • Good Bye Melba

    She had announced her Australian farewell to grand opera
  • Melba's Death

    Melba's Death
    Partly in the hope of getting better medical care, she later went to Sydney where, in St Vincent's Hospital, Darlinghurst, she died of septicaemia, which had developed from facial surgery in Europe some weeks before she came back.