Australian Penal System

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  • Agreed that convicts would be sent to Australia.

    British parliment was informed that Lord Sydney ad agreed to send convicts to Australia.
  • First Fleet Sets Sail.

    The First Fleet heads towards Australia, consiting of eleven ships. They left Potsmouth under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip. The exact number of passangers is not clear, but it is estimated at 1,350, 780 convicts and 570 free men. A total of 20% percent were women.
  • Fleet Finally Lands.

    The fleet finally set anchor at Port Jackson and settled in Sydney Cove.
  • Aussie Arrival.

    The fleet arrived in Botany Bay, but were not happy with the site and moved on.
  • Second Fleet.

    The Second Fleet arrives in Australia
  • Third Fleet.

    Third Fleet of convicts arrive in Austalia.
  • Free Settlers.

    The First free settlers began to move to Australia to start a new life and get their hands on a piece of land.
  • Tasmania Settled.

    Van Diemen's Land finally settled, the first settlement was made at Risdon when Jon Bowen landed with about 50 settlers, crew, soldiers and convicts.
  • Sarah Island

    Sarah Island housed about 1200 convicts, Most were there for re-offending after their original sentence was given out.
  • Maria Island

    For roughly half century Mariaa Island was used to house convicts. This happened through the first part of the 18th century. It was a horrible place for convicts to be housed, as t was very cut off from anywhere.
  • Cascade Female Factory

    This female factory housed roughly 3500. It was here the women worked to make linen products.
  • Port Arthur Opened

    Port Arthur is opened just on the outskirts of Hobart and is quickly given the reputation of being one of Australia most unpleasent prisons, floggings were common and very often people were punished without a lot of reason.
  • Servitude Act Abolished

    Women no longer had to worry about the fear of penal servitude, however it was still fair game for a man.
  • Port Arthur Closed.

    It was this year that Hobarts Potrt Arthur was oficially closed. Convicts no more had to worry about the the pain of Port Arthur. Many years later the site was opened as a rather successful tourist attraction, to display the horrors of a convict life.
  • Last Hanging In Australia

    Date of the last hanging in Australia, after this the law was passed that Australia would no longer use capital punshment as it was cruel and unjust.
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    Australian Penal System