Sarah's Progression Through the Path of Life

By bemisss
  • Month i was conceived

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development & Birth

  • Mom exposed to X-ray while working as a nurse

  • My Birth (7lbs 4ounces)

  • Period: to

    First Two Years of Life

  • Said My First Word (Dad)

  • Breastfed from Birth

  • Could not give up breastfeeding

  • Began Walking

  • Period: to

    Play Years

  • Started reading books every day to my little sister

  • Attempted at Drawing my first picture

  • Showed interest in neighborhood boy

  • Period: to

    School Years

  • Joined an art class

  • Met Best Friend Haley

  • Became Member of Science Olympiad

  • Period: to

    My Adolescence

  • Began Puberty

  • Starting Dating Boyfriend

  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Graduated South Lyon High School

  • Acceptance Into Grand Valley State Universities Nursing Program

  • Join a Gym (Lifetime Fitness)

  • Recieved BSN

  • First Job as an RN at Spectrum Health

  • Move into new apartment with boyfriend

  • Start Pursuing my Master's Degree

  • Period: to

    My Adulthood

  • Recieve my MSN

  • Become Engaged to boyfriend (Fiance)

  • Get Married

  • Purchase First Home in Maryland

  • Get Job as a Nurse Anesthetist

  • First Child is Born (Baby Boy/ 7lbs 3oz) named Kayden

  • Kayden Graduates High School

  • Start Battling Menopause

  • 35 Year Anniversary

  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • Start Reading a New Book Every Week

  • Start Bike Riding Every Morning

  • Retire

  • Start a Vegetable Garden in Yard

  • Find Volunteer work at Local Children's Hospital

  • Bike Riding Becomes Too Hard

  • Period: to

    Death and Dying

  • Husband Passes Away in Sleep

  • Begin to Accept Husband's Death and Realize I may be reaching my own death

  • Passed Away in my Sleep