My Life in The History of Education

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    My Life in the History of Education

  • Common Schools begin

    In several states, the idea of a common school begin to appear and lead to the 1830s and 1840s common school movement. Common schools are i.e. public schools.
  • Ohio is admitted to the Union.

    Ohio becomes a state and is admitted to the Union.
  • Ohio taxation of property to fund schools

    Ohio law permitted the taxation of all property in a district for the support of schools. Ohio created a permanent school fund in 1827.
  • Origninal Kindergarten opened in Germany

    Friedrich Froebel opens the first Kindergarten.
  • NEA was formed.

    The National Education Association was formed by ten state teachers' organizations with the common objective of upgrading the teaching profession.
  • St. Paul Lutheran Church & School Founded

    My grade school and the church where I am a member at, St. Paul was founded and started in 1858.
  • Concept of Kindergarten Introduced in the U.S.

    During the 1860s and 1870s, Carl Schurz and Elizabeth Peabody introduce the concept of Kindergarten here in the U.S.
  • 1st Public School Kindergarten

    The frist public school Kindergarten opened in St. Louis, Missouri in 1873.
  • St. Ignatius College

    St. Ignatius College
    John Carroll University was originally called St. Ignatius College.
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  • NEA forms the Committee of Ten

    Initial concern of this committee was to create uniform requirements for admission to college. They established the framework of the goals of secondary education.
  • Grandfather is born

    My grandfather, Harvey Koliha is born in Cleveland, OH. He dies in May of 1950 when my dad was only 3 years old. My grandmother later remarried Milosh Kochta who I know as my grandfather.
  • Great Grandparents Married

    Carmelo and Anna Pescatrice were married in Sicily, Italy on August 18, 1908.
  • Increase in Immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe

    Between 1900 and 1920, over 400,000 immigrants came to the U.S. from Italy.
  • Great Grandfather immigrates from Sicily, Italy

    Carmelo Pescatrice immigrated from Piazza Armerina in Sicily, Italy and arrived in the U.S. on May 13, 1913 on the S. San Giovanni. His arrival point was Battery Park, NY,NY
  • Great Grandmother immigrates from Sicily, Italy

    Anna Pescatrice immigrated from Piazza Armerina in Sicily, Italy to the U.S. on May 11, 1914 on the Europa. Her arrival point was Battery Park, NY,NY
  • Great Aunt Phyllis arrives in the U.S.

    Phyllis, daughter of Anna and Carmelo (later to become Uncle Tony's wife), arrived in the U.S. at the age of 4 1/2 on the Europa. At the age of 34, she became a U.S. citizen on May 28, 1943.
  • Grandmother is born

    My grandmother, Margaret Agnes Bohm is born in Cleveland, OH.
  • Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education Report Comes Out

    The Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education issued this Cardinal Report - was the basic framework for the establishment of the modern high school.
  • 19th Amendment ratified

    The 19th Amendment gave women full citizenship rights and the right to vote.
  • Great Uncle Tony arrives in the U.S.

    Antonio Ricchetti leaves Naples, Italy and arrives in the U.S. in July of 1922 at the age of 21. He later becomes a U.S. Citizen at the age of 33 on May 9, 1934.
  • St. Ignatius College Renamed

    St. Ignatius College Renamed
    St. Ignatius College was renamed John Caroll University in 1923.
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  • The 1924 Immigration Act was put into place.

    This immigration act imposed immigration quotas based on nationalities. Congress was trying to restrict new immigration from Southeran and Eastern Europe.
  • Messiah Lutheran Church Founded

    Messiah Lutheran Church founded in 1929. This is where I will be working at August 2010.
  • John Carroll University Moves Location

    John Carroll University Moves Location
    John Carroll University moves from its Westside location to University Heights where it is currently located today. Image taken from
  • Great Grandfather becomes U.S. Citizen

    Carmelo Pescatrice becomes a U.S. Citizen in 1939. My great grandmother, Anna, never became a U.S. Citizen.
  • My dad is born

    Kenneth Harvey Koliha is born in Cleveland, OH.
  • Lutheran High School West Founded

    My alma mater, Lutheran West was founded this year in downtown Cleveland.
  • My mom is born

    Kathryn Ann Pescatrice is born in Cleveland, OH.
  • Brown v.s. Board of Education

    The issue to desegregate schools was finally decided by the Supreme Court in this case - The "seperate but equal" doctrine was overturned.
  • Messiah Lutheran School Founded

    Messiah Lutheran School is founded 25 years after the church is established. I will be teaching first grade at this school August 2010.
  • Lutheran West Moves

    Lutheran West moves from its previous location to Rocky RIver, OH where it currently still is today.
  • My Dad graduates highschool

    Kenneth Koliha graduates at Parma Senior High School in Parma, OH.
  • John Carroll University becomes Co-ED

    John Carroll University becomes Co-ED
    In September of 1968, John Carroll University becomes co-educational and for the first time, women are allowed to enroll in the College of Arts and Sciences. Image taken from
  • My mom graduates high school

    Kathy Koliha graduates from Normandy Senior High School in Parma, OH.
  • Higher Education Act

    The National Organization for Women (NOW) helped aid in the passage of Title IX which helped provide gender equality in educational programs.
  • My dad graduates from college

    Kenneth Koliha graduated from Cleveland State University with a BBA in marketing.
  • My parents get married

    Ken Koliha and Kathryn (Kathy) Pescatrice are married at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Cleveland, OH.
  • My mom graduates from college

    Kathy Koliha graduated from Cleveland State University with a BBA in Marketing.
  • Pizza Hut Book It! Program

    As talked about in Spring's Ch15, "fast food" and consumer education became huge - many food franchises jumped on this - Pizza Hut's Book It! program was students who achieved monthly goals earned a personal pan pizza, a button, and prizes. By 1999, 22 million students were enrolled. I happend to have done this in grade school - and it was one of my favorite things in grade school!
  • Katelyn's Birthday

    I was born on April 9, 1986 at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland, OH.
  • Civil Rights Restoration Act

    Congress overturned a Court's decision of restricting Title IX and this title now included all activities of educational prgrams who recieved federal aid.
  • Citizens allowed to Choose

    In 1992, Ohio and 8 other states allowed citizens to choose between public schools - this was in response to the pressures from religioius conservatives and liberals.
  • Charter School Laws

    Many states were considering charter school bills. Eight states had already put in place charter school laws.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    In 2001, Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act and it was assumed that this law would ensure all children received an equal education opportunity.
  • My Freshman Year at JCU

    My Freshman Year at JCU
    I attend JCU for my first year of college living in Dolan 237 - my room overlooks the quad and thus begins my college career. Image taken from
  • I become a KD! Green & White Forever!

    I become a KD! Green & White Forever!
    Freshman year, I join Greek Life here on campus and become a Kappa Delta. Image taken from
  • Student Teaching

    Student Teaching
    I start my pre-student teaching at Hilltop Elementary school in Beachwood, OH in 3rd grade. That spring, I continue my student teaching full time. Image taken from
  • Preparing for Tests

    In the final months of my student teaching, we spent the majority of class time preparing for the state standardized tests - students and I went through practice tests and reveiw packets in math and reading to get ready. Ahhh, the pressures of getting good scores and state funding!
  • College Graduation

    College Graduation
    I graduate from John Carroll University with my Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education. I enter the world of adulthood officially! Image taken from
  • My first teaching job

    My first teaching job is at St. Mark Lutheran School in Brunswick, OH. I taught full day Kindergarten for two years.
  • My second teaching job

    I am now teaching at Messiah Lutheran School and will be teaching first grade for the very first time. We will see what this upcoming year has in store for me.