Life and times of james

  • birth

  • Period: to

    birth to present

  • brother born

    my little bro justin is borm
  • olympics

    grandma and grandpa take me and justin to see the olympic torch pass by,
  • hit by a car

    riding my bike in the street, I met a car head on. i broke my ribs and arm. i had a road rash down my back, was peeing blood, had a bleedig kidney, bruised heart, and bruised lungs. i spent a few nights in the cardiac care unit. not fun.
  • high school grad

  • met liz

  • bachelor degree

  • euro trip

    london, belgium, germany, austria, czech republic, italy, spain, and france in 24 days.
  • sept 11 2001

    you'll never forget where you were when certain things happen. iwas in the czech republic at an intenet cafe when i got the news. i thought it was a bad joke. the reality soon set in. later that night we befriended some sweedish girls who bought us beer and shots and helped us relieve the pain.
  • getting hitched

  • luca

    our first child is born, Luca james
  • masters degree

  • teaching

    Having a great time teaching at Montebello High School. I started at Suva Intermediate and loved teaching seventh and eighth grade ona year round track. As budget cuts would have it, my position got cut so i had to seek another job. Luckily I got picked up at MHS and have loved it here ever since.