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My Thanksgiving 2009

  • Arrive Seattle, WA

    Arrive Seattle, WA
  • Local concert at local bar

    Local concert at local bar
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  • 1st visit to Pike's Place Market

    1st visit to Pike's Place Market
    This is a Monk fish. They are very large gross looking fish, and I think they just sell them in the market to scare little children.
  • Visit to Seattle Aquarium

    Visit to Seattle Aquarium
    However small this aquarium was, it was a very cool facility. I was able to see many Pacific ocean fish I had never seen on display before. I also got to watch the staff train the harbor seals they have in captivity. They trin them to do very basic tricks that aid them to preform basic health inspections on the animals.
  • Thanksgiving on Whidbey Island

    Thanksgiving on Whidbey Island
    I woke up in the morning and made two pecan pies for the family dinner on Whidbey Is. Whidbey is the Island where the movie The Ring was mostly filmed.
  • The Ferry Ride

    The Ferry Ride
    The movie the Ring was also filmed on the ferry we took to the island. The scene where the horse jumps off the back of the boat was filmed on this ferry. All-in-all the day was some what spooky, bt all of the food was great!
  • Snow tubing on Snowqualmie

    Snow tubing on Snowqualmie
    My sister and I took the opprotunity to go snow tubing for the first time on this sunny, Friday morning. The atmosphere in the Cascade Mountain range is much colder than any mountain area than I have visited before. Tubing was very fun, and it made me feel like a child all over again.
  • The Apple Cup

    The Apple Cup
    The Apple Cup is a foorball game that is similar to the Southeast's Iron Bowl. The game is played by The University of Washington and Washington State every year. This year's game was won by The University of Washington with a score of 30-0!
  • Exploring Downtown Seattle with my Sister

    Exploring Downtown Seattle with my Sister
    On the last day of my trip my sister took me to see all the things I couldn't on my second day of the trip because I didn't have a car. We went to Kurt Cobain's house, The Space Needle, and Puget Sound.
  • Kurt Cobain's house

    Kurt Cobain's house