Civil war and Reconstruction

  • The united states annexas

    The united states needed texas because they was a big state and they encouraged the united states to absorb their new republican partly to protect themselves from the invasion of mexico.
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    Coming of the civil war

  • The treaty of guadalupe hidalgo

    This was occured after the wars ended mexico gave us land and we gave the 15million dollars and we argeed to pay claims made by america.
  • Congress agrees to the compromise

    these are the laws that they are trying to set to see if this country is going to be a free state or a slave state so this agreement is telling whats going to happen throughout this state
  • Uncle toms cabin

    this is a novel that was written by harriet beecher stowe and this novel was about a slave leaving her home when she finds out that her child is about to be sold and she heads north and finds help at the undergound railroad.
  • The supreme court rules against dread scott

    Dread thuoght that since the state that he and his family came from required them to be free that he was still going to be free but as he argued that he didnt win he was still a slave him and his family.
  • The confederate attack on fort sumter

    The federal ship was ordered to fbe turned back when the confederates was forcing fire on it and they was doing this because they know that if fort doesnt have supplys its going to have to be abandoned to the confederates.
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    Civil war