The Coming Of The Civil War

  • Trains and Trade

    This was important because if one counrty had more rainroad than another that meant that, that city could move faster than other contry and go more farther than orther counrty.
  • Bear Flag Revolt

    William B. Ide led a group of American settle to launched a surpise attack on the town of Sonoma on June 14 and proclaimed the Republic of California.
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    The Coming Of The Civil War

  • Fighting in Mexico

    Mexico and Rio Grande was fighting over land.
  • Clay Proposes a Compromise

    Clay making the 4 compromises over SLAVERY.
  • Congress Approves the Compromise

    This was about Cogress accepting Henry Clay Compromise.
  • Cahoun Opposes Compromise

    This was about Calhoun diagreeing with one of Clay's compromises and holding a meeting for it.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    The Uncle Tom's Cabin was a novel made by HarrierBeecher Stowe. He made his novel about the impact of slavery. The novel became an instant beatseller and sold millions of copies in the United States
  • Bleeding Kansas

    The looting in Lawrence and Brown's brutal response at Pottawatomie sparked a summer of murderous .
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    The Civil War,

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