A Brief History of the Internet

  • When the internet was created

    This is when the internet was first craeted
  • Networking computers

    networking technology was cumbersome and fragile.
  • Period: to

    The brief history of the internet

  • improving the internet

    It was agreed that the internet was made up of 4 nodes.
    The four nodes were in the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Stanford Research Institute, the University of California Santa Barbara and University of Idaho. The first ever remote login stuffed the system.
  • 15 Nodes and the email

    In the year of 1972 the internet was made up of 15 nodes.
    also in this year the 1st email program was written
  • acces to the internet

    Access to the Internet was still via the command-line interface software. Users had to learn and remember many specific commands, and pictures had to be downloaded (saved to your own computer) and viewed using other software.
  • The 1st graphical browser was invented

    Between this year and 1195 the 1st graphical browser was invented. this gave internet uses text and graphics that could be displayed. Also oyu could now move from a page to another or within pagesa and you would be able to do so just by the click of your mouse. This started the World Wide Web (www)
  • Computers now

    In thisday and age there are over 40 million servers on the internet and that is not including the servers of other types that make up the internet, for example mail servers and file servers.