the flrst computer

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  • the flirst machine

    the flirst machine
    in 1801 Joseph -Marie Jacquard made the first programmble machine called the loom that can that was made for weaving cloth but was strung with punch cards.
  • engine

    john had made an Analytical engine
  • numbers and data

    numbers and data
    in 1837 Charles Babbage had realized that these punch cards can also store numbers and data
  • z3

    German Konrad had made the z3,the first programmble machine that wasn't tied to a specific function like weaving cloth or caculating bills
  • mark 1

    mark 1
    Harvard University and IBM joined together and bulid the mark i
  • enic

    the ENIC:Electronic Numeral Integrator and Caculator
  • integrated circuits

    integrated circuits
    the miniature eletronic devices called integrated circuits were invented
  • caculators

    the handheld cacutors were invented
  • apple

    apple company produce the first popular home computer the Apple 2