6 Key Events in the Life of Isaac Newton

  • Isaac Newton is born

    Sir Isaac Newton (Jr.) is born on the 4th Jan 1643 (NS) in Woolsthrope, near Lincolnshire in England.
  • Newton is accepted into Trinity College, Cambridge

    Newton joins Trinity College, older than most of his fellow students.
  • Trinity College closes due to the plague

    Newton's College, closes due to the plague, for 2 years. In these 2 years, Newton comes up with his big ideas.
  • Newton gets into the subject of Gravity.

    Sometime in 1666, Newton starts thinking about the frces that affect the moon to keep it spinning around, how the earth spins around the sun and an apple falling. He calls this Gravity, and by this time, Newton has his basic Laws of Motion.
  • Newton suffers a nervous breakdown

    Newton suffers a nervous breakdown, after getting into a controversy with Leibniz 2 years ago.
  • Newton publishes 'Principia'

    In 1678, Newton publishes 'Principia', his most famous publication, which includes his 'Law of Universal Gravitation' and his laws of motion.
  • Newton is kighted

    Newton is knighted, the first scientist to be so honered for his work.
  • Newton Dies

    Newton dies in 1727, living his last days suffering from a kidney stone he discovered to have.