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  • car

    strongest trucks in the time website google. it could pull up to 6,250https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1117975-towing-capacity-of-my-85-f150-2wd.html. and they cost about 28,000 google.
  • toys

    battle ship was the best games that was not a video game. the object was to destroy the other person ship. you were a capon of a ship. google
  • electronics

    music was like the key to have in the 80s. because you didn't have a phone they just have those in the car our they didn't even play music. plus this was a very portable device
  • music

    well music has been around sent time and there couple of songs that hit top 3. TNT from ACAD has been up there sens it came out. thunder struck also from ACAD. cant hold us back and those are the music
  • the best movies from 1985

    the best movies from 1985
    one of the best movies from the 80s. they were a group of kids that found a map to a pirate ship. they were trying to save there home from becoming a golf course. google
  • president

    gorge h.w. bush was the number one president of his time. he was a air force pillet and earned his wings. then he was a vice president before he was a president.
  • the best movie ever

    the best movie ever
    this movie will be going to the sand lot. one reason is that is one of the best movies ever watched and it still is. a other reason is that people still today say that movie is one of the movies ever. and it is number one for base ball movies ever and still is.
  • athlete

    this will be going to the kid ken griffy jr. he was the youngest player ever to get over 300 home runs. he went to 13 all star games out of 22 years. And he was the best player ever to play the game.
  • actors

    this will be going to Adam Sandler because he was in the top rated movies ever. and he has won the the best fight award. then with the favorite voice. there a lot more but those are the reason that he is the best actor
  • new events

    new events
    this will be going to be going to Jorge solar. he know has the royals record for home runs 48. and the rbi 151. and he will get the gold glove
  • fashion

    this will be going to under Armour because they have the best brand of shirts. they stated in the 50. and they are one of the top two of brands they keep on going back and forth with nike.