the internet

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  • the internet?

    the internet was first created in the late 960's, though people have been trying to build a network for a decade before that, and failing miserably. first, the internet was only used in military and university purposes.
  • the first internet ever

    the first ever known internet that has actually worked outside of the military was when 4 computers connected - one at the University of California Los Angeles, the Stanford Research Institute, University of California Santa Barbara and University of Idaho. the system crsashed multiple times, until eventually the ystem started to become more stronger.
  • the growing internet and email

    in 1972, the Universities eventually had up to 15 computers. in this same year, the first email program was created.
  • open to the public ... sort of

    at this time more people began to netoce the internet, but when people started to use it, they had to remember certain things and ue multiple programs - even to save a picture.
  • the World Wide Web

    by this time, th internet had its first graphicalbrowser. links from different pages started to come around, and this made going between pages so much easier. this was when the World Wide Web (www) first came into the world.
  • now

    today there are over 40 million servers on the net, though this does not include email programs and file servers online.