a brief history of the internet

  • Period: to

    internet creation

  • origin and beginning of the internet

    President Eisenhower requests funds to create APRA. A pproved as a line item in the appropriations bill.
  • packet switching

    Len Kleinrock, professor of computer science at UCLA, wries first paper on packet switching. "information Flow in large Commuincations Nets". Paper published in RLE quarterly progress report.
  • on-line man computer communications

  • on distributed communications network

  • birth of the internet

  • people communicate over a network

  • computers can connect more quickly and easily

  • global networking becomes a reality

  • packets become mode of transfer

  • networking comes to many

  • email takes off

  • new things born

  • things come together

  • TCP/IP defines future communication

  • internet gets bigger

  • internet continues to grow

  • power of internet realised

  • commercialisation of internet born

  • growth in internet

  • expansion of internet continues

  • modernisation begins

  • multimedia changes the face of the internet

  • the www revolution truly begins

  • commercialisation begins

  • commercialisation continues apace

  • microsoft enters