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History of the websticles.

By drpeace
  • Birth of the Internet

    Internet is born in the form of four nodes at the university of L.A.
  • Period: to

    History of the Websicles.

    An in depth look at the birth and development of the world wide websicles.
  • Internet increases to 15 nodes.

    The internet now composes of 15 nodes, an improvement over the previous 4.
  • First email program written

    Email is invented revolutionising online communications.
  • Internet acess is still text based

    Internet acess is still only available via a command prompt interface. This system is quite hard for the general public to use.
  • First graphical browser created

    With the invention of the graphical browser, using computers becomes much easier, opening their usage up to a larger percent of the public.
  • Internet skyrockets in usage

  • Internet has 40 000 000 web servers and counting