Open road


  • Susan Marie Bell Biogrophy

    Susan Marie Bell Biogrophy
    35 years old has just gotten a divorce and is depressed but is trying to make the process as painless as possible for her 5 year old twins Ronald and Rebecca. She ex husband Theodore cheated on her after 7 years. She is a lawyer at a firm in Vermont and works long hours. Theodore works as an anchor man at the local news station had an affair with his co anchor. She graduated from Michigan State University Law School.
  • Oliver Daniels Biography

    Oliver Daniels Biography
    Young guy 25 just finished med school and got engaged to a teacher Caroline. Is waiting for this next step in his life with high hopes for the future has entire life planned out. Works in pedeatrics at the Children's hospital of Michigan.
  • Derek Peterson

    Derek Peterson
    He is a 15 year old kid who comes from a nice family. He lives with three little sisters Michelle (2), Angela (5) and Brittany (10) and his parents Tim and Jennifer. He became rebellious and started hanging out with the wrong sort of people after his parents forced him to move from New York to Michigan. He has been caught a few times doing minor things and Susan Bell is his lawyer.
  • Overall Setting

    Overall Setting
    Summer time in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the United States.
  • Period: to


  • Costumes

    Each of them is wearing black but to suit their styles. Susan is wearing a loose black long sleeve t-shirt and a black skirt and black high heels with her hair down. Marcus a black suit with a black shirt and black tie and shoes. and derek black cargo pants and a baggy black t-shirt and black sneakers.
  • Lighting

    While delivering their opening lines the stage is dark and then the spotlight goes on each of them in turn and after derek says his line it goes bigger on all three of them there frozen and then the lights go out and the play begins
  • Set

    For the opening the stage is set up but hidden behind a curtain with the three on stage in a line with susan on the left and marcus on the right and derek in between them
  • action

    Each are standing and tell the story of their first time driving a car. A moment that is considered a rite of passage to become an adult.
  • Action- Opening

    The play opens with Derek has just returned from the police station after being caught trespassing with his friends. His parents and his lawyer Susan Bell lecturing him because he has been told that this is his last chance or else he is going to juvenile hall. shows his parents who are worried and want to help and his little sisters running around. It ends with Susan getting in her car and driving away after her final warning.
  • Costumes

    Susan Bell- Wearing a suit and a skirt having just come from court
    Derek Peterson- Baggy jeans and a baggy blue t-shirt and sneakers
    Jennifer Peterson- Jeans, and pink shirt
    Tim Peterson- A tan suit because he was at work
    Michelle Peterson- Wearing a sundress
    Angela Peterson- shorts and a t-shirt
    Brittany Peterson- jeans and a t-shirt
  • Set

    The Peterson living room in summer. Two couches where all the adults and Derek are sitting down talking with his father getting up every now and then to make a point and starts pacing. The younger girls are watching TV and playing with the oldest brittany doing homework lying on the floor.
  • Lighting

    the set is lit up to look like day time but not to harsh like early evening.
  • Action- introduction to Susan Bell's life

    She drives home while arguing on the phone with her ex husband about their twin children one of whom is sick in the hospital where Doctor Oliver Daniels works as an intern. You can see her anxiety and anger about the conversation. She is on her way to the hospital to see her daughter who needs her tonsils out and meet up with her ex husband and her son
  • Costume

    Susan- Same as before
  • Set

    the curtain is closed to accomadate set change and susan is holding a steering wheel and walking back and forth across the stage with a cell phone to her ear with her face looking more and more agitated while on the phone we learn her situation from her phone conversation with her ex husband.
  • Lighting

    the spotlight follows her as she moves across the stage "driving"
  • Action- hospital scene

    She arrives at her daughter's hospital room clearly out of breath. Her ex husband and son are visiting and her daughter is in the hospital bed. The doctor who is doctor oliver daniels comes in and introduces himself to the family and susan gets into a brief argument about who is going to stay with her that night while the kids try to ignore them.
  • Costume

    Oliver Daniels- blue scrubs and white sneakers.
    Susan Bell- same as previous
    Theodore Bell- a shirt and slacks and black shoes
    Ronald Bell- dirty t-shirt and kahki shorts
    Rebecca Bell- hospital gown
  • Set

    hospital bed with a few chairs around it with rebecca in bed sleeping and Ronald playing with a toy car while the adults talk sitting down with the doctor standing.
  • lighting

    the entire stage lit up
  • Action Oliver enjoying life going home

    Doctor Oliver Daniels drives home from work with a quick set change just shows him briefly in the car going home happy after a good day at work. It is just a small transition to change the set.
  • costume

    Oliver- wearing tan pants and a shirt with a blazer
  • Set

    again "driving" holding the steering wheel smiling.
  • Lighting

    Spotlight follows him around the stage he walks smoothly around the stage.
  • Action- Oliver Homelife

    Oliver Daniels arrives home to his fiancé and they talk about their wedding and their future plans together.
  • Costumes

    Oliver Daniels- the same as before
    Caroline Martin- pajama pants and a baggy t-shirt and slippers
  • Set

    A small apartment so just a small couch and TV in living room with a tiny table with 2 chairs in the corner. A rug on the floor.
  • Lighting

    Dim lighting to show a happy peaceful atmosphere.
  • Costume

    Oliver- Same as in previous
    Susan- same as in previous
    Derek- same as earlier
    Kev- an outfit similar to derek
    Eric- Also similar with jeans t-shirt and sneakers
  • Set

    Two dividers splitting the stage into three with a door on each side section and a window cut out on the middle one where derek sneaks out. Get steering wheels.
  • Lighting

    Three spotlights as each lead the house at the same time.
  • Action- Driving

    As the last scene ended the lights went down and two dividers are on the stage so all three of the main characters are on the stage at the same time alone. Susan is angry and storming out of the hospital room after another fight with her ex husband declaring she is going home. She gets out her steering wheel and walks around fast and erratic. Oliver leaves to get grocerys for him and caroline saying he will be back soon, Derek sneaks out after being grounded to meet his two friends Eric and Kev
  • Action- Crash

    Susan is driving fairly erratic and speeding to get home. Oliver is driving carefully but at regular speed. Derek is with his friends speeding in order to get away from the scene of the crime. At a large intersection where there is a red light susan and Derek who are both driving and not paying attention run a red light hitting Oliver in between them. After the crash they are all seen lying on the floor with the steering wheel tossed to the side while Kev and Eric flee the scene screaming.
  • Costume

    All same as previous
  • Set

    the stage is empty with Derek and Susan going toward each other at fast speeds while oliver comes forward at a walking pace not realizing whats coming at him. then after steering wheels lying on the floor. As Kev and Eric run away
  • Lighting

    Spotlights follow all of them. Flashing red lights as they all crash into each other.
  • Action- Ending

    Three are on stage except Susan is in the middle and derek and Oliver are lying down dead.
    Susan ends by saying- Learning to drive is a rite of passage for many people it represents the start of responsability and freedom but 6 million car accidents happen each year in the United States. That night two people died both with their lives a head of them. By hurting them with my irresponsible driving i also hurt myself because i killed my child's doctor and my client but i survived to honor them.
  • Costumes

    All in black same as begining
  • Set

    Susan is in the middle with Derek and Oliver lying dead on either side of her
  • Lighting

    The light is bright on all three of them