Entertainment Tech

  • Phonograph

    Similar to the record player, the phonograph was one of the first audio players
  • Electric Television

    The first popular televisions
  • Color Television

    Color Television allows people to see the finer qualities of tv shows.
    Exact date unknown, year correct
  • 8 Track Tape

    one of the first compact uses of magnetic tape. It only held 8 tracks, and was played in special 8 track players. the exact date is unknown, but the year is correct.
  • Type B Video Tape

    one of the first ways video was created. It was two large reels of magnetic tape, similar to the Reel-to-Reel audio. Exact date is unknown, but year is correct.
  • VHS Tapes

    The most popular cassete style video media before the digital movement..
  • Compact Disc

    One of the first uses of digital media, and the main one that is still in use today
  • Digital Video Disc

    The first popular video media after the digital age started
  • Blu-Ray Disc

    The potential replacement for DVD's, Blu-Rays are in full HD
  • 3D Television

    3D Television is the current "future of television". It allows you to feel like you're in the movie/show/whatever