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A Thousand Never Evers By Elissa Presslein

  • Expostion: Background:1

    Expostion: Background:1
    Addie Ann, a 12 year old girl, is a Negro in 1963. She lives in Mississippi, a slave state. She lives with her Mama, her brother Elias, and Uncle Bump on Old Man Adam's land.
  • Exposition:Setting:2

    Kuckachoo, Mississippi
    Old Man Adam's property
  • Exposition: Characters:3

    Exposition: Characters:3
    Addie Ann-a black girl who is in the 6th grade, 12 years old, got the highest grade out of the entire 6th grade on her geography test
    Uncle Bump-Slave, plays the harmonica, has all of Old Man Adam's keys.
    Mama-Slave who runs her house
    Elias-Addie Ann's older brother
  • Rising Action:1

    Rising Action:1
    Old Man Adam's dies and all the whites think that his land goes to just him, but it really belongs to all the people of Kuckachoo, even the blacks. He leaves his T.V. to Addie Ann!!
  • Rising Action:3

    Rising Action:3
    Someon burned the cross at the church after they got riled up about Medgar Evers murder.
  • Rising Action:2

    Rising Action:2
    Elias goes missing/ran away because he saved Saved Addie Ann's cat, Flapjack, by breaking jimmy's leg.
  • Rising Action:3

    The Garden Club is made of all white people instead of having some whites and some blacks. The garden is for whites and blacks to share. The blacks don't like the way that the whites think it is just theirs.
  • Rising Action:5

    Rising Action:5
    When Addie Ann brings the forgoten bingo boards to Mrs. Tate, and Mrs. Tate asks her to sit down, she gets yelled at because the is "reserved" for a white.
  • Rising Action:8

    Rising Action:8
    Addie Ann finds herself with Mrs. Tates important secret about a childhood friend that she is writing to and doesn't want anybody else to know about. She feels like she has to tell somebody else.
  • Rising Action:7

    The blacks get to the picking before the whites, the whites get really riled up; and force the blacks out of the way.
  • Climax/ turning point

    Climax/ turning point
    THe garden is ruined because some butter rean vines grew over top of the actual garden. peole say that Uncle Bump's fualt. They say he was mad abot the whites taking over the garden.
  • Falling Action :1

    Falling Action :1
    Addie ann sees her brother inthe milkweed patch after he ran away atleast a month ago.
  • Rising Action:6

    There is a sign for the garden picking, but blacks are not able to come until noon, while whites come at dawn.
  • Falling Action:2

    Falling Action:2
    The sheriff agrees to give Uncle Bump a case to see if he really deserves to be in jail.
  • Falling Action:3

    Falling Action:3
    Mrs. Tate goes against her own husband to prove that Uncle Bump is innoscent with a reseipt.
  • Falling Action:4

    Falling Action:4
    Addie Ann claims to have found some evidence. It turns out that Flapjack is really the one who found the evidence.
  • Resolution:1

  • Falling Action:5

    The Tates don't want Mama and Addie Ann to work for them sinces Mrs. Tate helped Uncle Bump get out of prison.
  • Resolution:2

    Elias and Uncle Bump go to Hattiesburg for work and money. (People still don't know about Elias and if he is still alive!!)
  • Resolutiion:3

    There is a meeting at Old Man Adam's place to figure out what is to be plantwed onthe land. Blacks and Whites both are both able to 'go and help figure out what should be planted in the garden.!