Go Big or Go Home--Jason Q.

  • Meteorite Crashes---Background 1

    A meteorite crashes into Brady's roof which prompts Quinn to come over. They dub the meteorite Fred or Far Roving Earth Diver.
  • Black Hills---Setting 2

    Black Hills is a community in South Dakota that is a popular tourist site in the summer.
  • Characters 3

    Brady and Quinn are fun loving cousins that love extreme stuff.
    The Carver boys, Max and Buzz, are rivals of Brady and Quinn and also love extreme stuff.
  • Conflict-- Energy Bursts RA1

    Brady and Quinn are confused about why Brady is getting sudden boosts of energy. They have no idea what is happening.
  • Basketball Surge RA2

    Brady is suddenly amazingly better at basketball. He even beat Quinn who he never can beat.
  • Characters RA6

    Crystal-a girl that works at the Grabba Java with her mom
  • Speed Demon RA3

    Brady is suddenly a speed demon on a bike and even passed a tourist group from a pro biking team. Normally he would have had an asthma attack but he mysteriously doesn't.
  • Bull Flipping RA4

    Brady saves a little tourist boy from a bull and flips over it while riding to the museum.
  • Crystal's Secret RA5

    While at the Grabba Java, a local coffee and sanwich shop, A girl named Crystal, who Brady and Quinn told about the meteorite, tell them that she said something about the meteorite to Buzz and Max.
  • Climax-- Investigation

    Brady and Quinn give some of the meteorite to Dr. Rip, a meteorite specialist, who wants to study it and will meet them again soon.
  • Exteme Fishing FA1

    Brady and Quinn go to Pactola Lake to go "Extreme Fishing," but can't get any bites. They meet Curly who supplies them with better equipment.
  • Deflation FA2

    The boys try fishing againand hook a Pactola Lake Trout. The carvers show up. Brady tries to grab the fish over and over but gets distracted by the Carvers. Quinn finally loses it and the hook accidentily grabs the inflatable boat that starts to deflate.
  • Backpack Sinks FA3

    While the boys try to get into the Carvers' boat, Buzz "accidentily" drops Brady's back pack into the lake. The backpack had Fred in it.
  • Fred and Paralysis FA4 (con.)

    3)The Carvers search for the backpack with their boat, which has a hook on the end, because they know that the meteorite is in it.
  • Catapult Competition FA5

    The boys go to the Carvers' house to see their new catapult launch some stuff. They have to find Fred first after being launched by the catapult in order to keep it.
  • Fred and Paralysis FA4

    1)Brady and Quinn go back to Dr. Rip who tells them that there are Mars germs on the meteorite proving life on Mars. He also tells them that the microbes can go dormant for long perioads of time.
    2)Brady starts to get short terms of paralysis. He has a theory that he is infected with the germs, he gets energy boosts, but after that the germs get worn out and go dormant. He is worried that he might go completely go dormant.
  • Body Attack --Resolution 1

    Brady passes out and becomes paralyzed. The Carvers' dad, the coroner, is about to examine Brady for his "death." Quinn and the Carvers distract him and take Brady away.
  • Halls of the Dead-- Resolution 2

    They bring Brady to the Halls of the Dead, a cave filled with stalagmites and other cool things that they discovered. There they find Attila, the Carvers' war dog,dormant, with Fred.
  • Dormancy Antidote-- Resolution 3

    Dr. Ripfinds them in the Halls. He believes the antidote to the dormancy is vinegar. He tries it on Brady and at first it doesn't work. Then after a few minutes, Brady comes to. Dr. Rip uses the vinegar on Attila. A few months later, the Carvers give their introduction of the Catapult to public.