Optical Art

  • Victor Varsarely's "Zebra"

     Victor Varsarely's "Zebra"
    believed to inspire the Op art movement
  • Richard Paul Lohse

    Artist in the Op art movement
  • Black-White Period (1950-1965)-- "Vega"

    Black-White Period (1950-1965)-- "Vega"
    In this period he developed the basic elements of Op-Art.
  • The term "Optical Art" first appears in Time Magazine in October

  • exhibition on optical art

    entitled "The Responsive Eye"
  • Peter Sedgley- "target"

    Peter Sedgley- "target"
    artist in the optical art movement
  • "Shadow Play"-Bridget Riley

    "Shadow Play"-Bridget Riley
  • "Cataract"- Bridget Riley

    "Cataract"- Bridget Riley
  • Bridget Riley- dominance portfolio (red, blue,green)

    artist in the Op art movement
  • "Ecclesia" Bridget Riley

    "Ecclesia" Bridget Riley
  • Youri Messenjaschin, "Broadway", 1998

    Youri Messenjaschin, "Broadway", 1998