My first few years at Bens!!

  • Kindergarten here i come!

    My first day at kindergarten was different than i expected. I thought it was gonna be alll scary and not the best day ever and i was gonna make no friends at all but it was really the total opposite of all that. I made a lot of friends i loved my teacher (ms. katner) and i loved what we did it was like the best day ever.
  • First grade!!!!!!!!

    First grade was like the best year ever i had so much fun wth my class and new best friends. I did so many fun things in class like doing spelling with shaving cream and stuff like that. It was really fun and we hardly had any homework!!
  • Second grade

    Second grade had by far my favorite teacher so far ms. hoffman!!!!!! She was so awesome i loved her a lot she made eveything fun and she would always tell us awsome stories. Plus that year we made a peanut butter sandwhich in class and it was very tasty!
  • Third grade

    Third grade was the first year i joined a play (Annie) it was fun but it really wasnt my thing. Ms. Grabe was super fun and more like a friend than a teacher. Third grade started to get harder and harder and i was growing up so fast.
  • Fourth grade

    Fourth grade was a tough year and nothing really exciting happened that year besides learing how to kknit by Sarah's mom and meeting an awesome teacher. She was really nice and really fun especially when she would read a book to us and have "advisory" on fridays by giving flowers and thorns. Once she told us she was leaving i started crying because i was going to miss her a lot =(
  • Fifth grade!

    OH MY GOSH! I love ms. geisler and ms. miller so much!!!!!! They were like the BEST! Fifth grade was a year i will nnever forget! Being ms. Geislers first class was awesome and dealing with worms and snails were awesome!!! Joinig math club was pretty cool too because we always got snacks and candy and all that junk. That year was awesome to because we met new people and started getting older. But that year was when we learned about family living....... I will never forget that.
  • SIXTH GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is like the best year ever beccause we now have dances, multiple teachers (awsome teachers especially you mr. p) and other stuff too. Yeah it can be a pain in the butt most of the time because of all the homework clubs and violations and all that junk. But really this year was really awesome and great especially when we had that picnic outside and i am also looking forward to go to the cubs game and the school picinic i know for a fact that will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!