Kate and maggie fox

Talking to the Dead

By amnela
  • born

    i was born two years after my sister maggie
  • Period: to

    life before the spirits

    not much is known about the time before they were famous
  • the move

    the move
    the fox family moves to thier new house
  • the knocks begin

    the knocks begin
    the knocks in my house begin in the last two weeks of march
  • the first spirit

    the first spirit that i cantacted was a peddler murdered by a former resident in my house named John Bell.i first contacted this spirit by rapping my fingers on the beb board and getting a responce.
  • traveling

    i went to my older sister leah's house because they wanted to attempt to stop the disturbances by seperating Maggie and I. It didn't work. If anything it got worse because there were quite alot of spirits there.
  • i have met many famous people

    i have met many important people in my life such as William Cullen Bryant, George Bancroft, James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Parker Willis, Horace Greeley, Sojourner Truth and William Lloyd Garrison.
  • husband

    muy first husband died and i married a famous wall street journalist.