Morocco's History

  • Becomes a Prectorate of France

    Morocco becomes a prectorate of France in the Treaty of Fez
  • Period: to

    Moroccan soldiers fight with Allies

    During World War I, Morocco was aligned with the Allied forces. In 1917 and 1918, Moroccan soldiers fought victoriously alongside U.S. Marines at Chateau Thierry, Mont Blac and Soissons.
  • Mohammed V becomes King

    Establishment of his Majesty Mohammed V.
  • Period: to

    World War II

    Beggining of World War II to to end of World War II
  • Allies invade Morocco

    With France occupied by the Nazis during World War II, colonial French and Morocco sided with the Axis Powers. When the aAllies invaded Morocco on November 8, 1942, Moroccan defenders quickly yielded to the American and British invaders.
  • independence party Istiqlal is formed

    With France under German occupation, the independence party Istiqlal is formed
  • Anfa Conference

    During a meeting in World War II, President Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston CHurchill and Free French commander General Charles De Gaulle, met for four days in the Casablanca suburb of Anfa in January 194. to discuss the war. During the Anfa Conference, the Allies agreed that the only acceptable outcome of the conflict was the "unconditional surrender" of the Axis forces. Roosevelt also said US supported Morocco's quest for independence.
  • Independence

    France and Spain recognized the independence and sovereignty of Morocco
  • Morocco recovers northern part from Spain

    April 7, 1956: Signature with Spain of the agreements allowing Morocco to recover its Northern part.
  • Morocco accepted as UN member

    April 22, 1956: Morocco is accepted as UN member.
  • Sultan Muhammed V dies, and his son becomes King Hassan II

    Sultan Muhammed V dies, and his son, prince Moulay Hassan, becomes King of Morocco (King Hassan II) on March 3rd (my birthday!)
  • Morocco becomes a Constitutional Monarchy

    December 1962: Adoption by referendum of the first Constitution making of Morocco a Constitutional monarchy.
  • First general elections are held

    1963 – The first general elections in Morocco are held. The Loyalist parties win a majority of the seats.
  • Period: to

    Morocco Annexes Northern Western Sahara

    1975 Morocco annexes the northern two thirds of Western Sahara. Armed conflict with Polisario forces from that region, until 1989.
  • King Hassan II promulgated Hassanian democracy

    King Hassan II promulgated Hassanian democracy, which allowed for significant political freedom while at the same time retaining ultimate power for the monarch
  • Government formed by opposition politicians, led by socialists.

    Government formed by opposition politicians, led by socialists.
  • King Hassan II dies, and his son, Prince Sidi Muhammed, takes over as King Muhammed VI

    In Aug. 1999, King Hassan II died after 38 years on the throne and his son, Prince Sidi Muhammed, was crowned King Muhammed VI.
    Since then, Muhammed VI has pledged to make the political system more open, allow freedom of expression, and support economic reform. He has also advocated more rights for women, a position opposed by Islamic fundamentalists.
  • Terrorist Bombing in Casablanca

    when Casablanca was the victim of terrorist bombings on May 16, 2003, the U.S. government offered Morocco – one of it oldest allies -- the full resources of its military and intelligence community.