Revolutionary War era

  • Washington named comander of Continental Army

    Washington named comander of Continental Army
    Washington possed more experience than any other American-born officer available. He was an early advocate of independence, and highly respected. He was the unanimous choice of the delegates. The army was a way to get more recruits for the army.
  • Congress created government arsenal

    Congress created government arsenal
    America could not c ome to a close to meeting the wartime demand for guns and ammunition. After the arsenal was made Americans managed to manufacture only a small fraction of equipment, but relied mostly on material they captured from the Britsh.
  • Americans get aid

    Americans get aid
    Although Great Britain had many advantages like having the best navy and army in the world, and had access to other countries for resources, they were fighting a war on foreign land. America struggled to keep an army and a new government but they were deeply committed to the war and many countires, France and Prussia, became apart of the war and aided the Americans by building their army of less than 10,000 men.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    Washingtons's troops suffered from severe food shortages in the winter of 1777-1778. Also many merchants would not sell to them. Congress tried repeatedly to stem the inflationary spiral, and all efforts pretty much failed.
  • Open Mutinies

    Open Mutinies
    Although Washington kept faithfully with his task, he had to deal with serious problems of morale among soldiers who recieved little food and pay. Open mutinies broke out among Pennsylvania and New Jersey troops. The Continental Congress got involved a little to much with military operations.