• Cynthia Ann Parker

    Cynthia Ann Parker
    Cynthia learned to speak English and the ways of the white woman learning to weave and cook all the while longing to be in her home teepee. The unaccustomed life style she now faced caused her to begin to loose her health as well as that of her daughter Topsannah (Prairie Flower). Civilization did not agree with Topsannah and the child died in 1864. Now broken in spirit and a mis-fit among whites, Cynthia refused to eat and starved herself to death in 1870.
  • Jane Wilkinson

    Jane Wilkinson
    Katherine Stinson, the fourth woman to earn a pilot's license in the U.S., thrilled spectators with her daredevil stunts. Her family established the Stinson Flying School in San Antonio in 1913.