Justin Bieber

Timeline created by dancersammi
In Music
  • My World - One Time

    My World - One Time
  • Fvorite Girl

    Fvorite Girl
  • Down To Earth

    Down To Earth
  • Bigger

  • One Less Lonley Girl

    One Less Lonley Girl
  • First Dance

    First Dance
  • Love Me

    Love Me
  • My World Part 2.0- Baby

    My World Part 2.0- Baby
  • Somebody To Love

    Somebody To Love
  • Stuck In The Moment

    Stuck In The Moment
  • U Simlie

    U Simlie
  • Runaway Love

    Runaway Love
  • Never Let You Go

    Never Let You Go
  • Overboard

  • Eenie Meenie

    Eenie Meenie
  • Up

  • That Should Be Me

    That Should Be Me