History of Austrailia

  • New Settlers?

    New Settlers?
    Dutch sailed to Austrailia but didnt settle there because the Aborigines attacked. After the attack the dutch decided to abandon any further exploration.
  • Captain james Cook

    Captain james Cook
    In 1770 Caotain James Cook sailed around Austrailia and named the land New South Wales. He ignored the Aborigines and claimed the land for Great Britain.
  • Prisoners

    In 1788 British prisoners settled in Austrailia. georgia was being used as a penal colony at the time, but when they discovered Austrailia and saw how no prisoners would be able to escape tehy decided to move there prisoners there. New South Wales was officially a penal (prison) colony.
  • Boundaries

    In 1861 Goverment officials created boundaries for the colonies that are still in place today.

    In 1868 many FREE immigrants started settling in Austrailia to build buissnesses, farms, ect. graet Britain also saw that Austrailia was a good place for there navy. they also saw that Austrailia was located near Asia which would great for trade.
  • The Commonwealth

    The Commonwealth
    the commonwealth of Austrailia was established when the immigration act allowed people who wer'nt white to move there. major places where people were starting to settle became independent colonies.
  • Whats the Capital?

     Whats the Capital?
    melbourne served as the national capital of Austrailia until Canberra was completed in 1927.
  • Aborigines

    In 1967 federal government began to pass legislation to help aborigines.
  • Legal Ties

    Legal Ties
    In 1986 the Austrailia Act was passed. This ended legal ties with the british empire.
  • Independence

    In 1999 55% of voters rejected the idea of becoming an independent republic.