Jill Cornaire

  • Baker & Wife's wish

    The Witch casts a spell on the Baker and his wife's house. The spell makes the woman living in the house infertile. So, the Baker and his wife wish for fertility.
  • Baker's Wife's song

    The Baker's Wife sings "Into The Woods." This song is about her and her husband's wish. The wish is for fertility.
  • The Woods

    The Woods
    The Baker's Wife goes into the woods to help find the ingredients for the potion. The Witch told them that if they were to be fertile they had to find four ingredients. These four ingredients could all be found in the woods.
  • Fertility Potion

    The Baker and his Wife gather all of the ingredients for the potion. When the Witch creates the potion the Baker and his Wife's wish is granted to them. Now they can be fertile and have a child.
  • Baby

    The Baker's Wife has her baby. They are now very happy. But a new wish awaits them.
  • Wish #2

    The Baker's Wife sings "So Happy." This song represents her and her husband's second wish. This wish is to have more space in their home for them and their child.
  • Big Problem

    Big Problem
    The Giant's Wife comes down from the kingdom in the sky to look for Jack. While walking around the Giant's Wife stomps on their house and it is now crushed. Now they have an opportunity for more space or a bigger home.
  • Protecting Jack.

    The Baker's Wife helps Jack to get away from the Giant's Wife. The Giant's Wife wants to kill Jack because he killed the Giant. Most everyone is greatful that Jack killed the Giant, so most of the people want to protect Jack.
  • Bad Behavior.

    When the Baker's Wife goes off in search for Jack she meets up with the Prince. Her and the Prince have a romantic time before she goes back to her husband. But she doesn't know what fait awaits for her.
  • Death.

    As the Baker's Wife goes back to find her husband she crosses paths with the Giant's Wife. Since the Giant's Wife lost her glasses she couldn't see what was beneath her. The Baker's Wife was killed by the Giant's Wife's foot.