Michael Canne

  • "Cinderella's Wish"

    Cinderellas wish is to go to the King's festival. The song here was "Prolouge: Into The Woods". This song is about Cinderella's Wish.
  • "Cinderella's Problem"

    "Cinderella's Problem"
    Cinderella's stepmother won't let her go to the ball. The only way she can go to the festival is if she cleans the lentils her stepmother threw into the fireplace out of the fireplace. Cinderella starts to do this.
  • "What Cinderella does is unethical"

    Cinderella calls down birds to help her pick lentils out of the fireplace.
  • "The magical tree"

    "The magical tree"
    Cinderella meets the magical tree. The tree gives her a dress and slippers pure as gold to wear to the festival. Cinderella's wish comes true.
  • "Cinderella goes to the festival"

    "Cinderella goes to the festival"
    Cinderella goes to the festival (for the1st out of 3 nights). At midnight she runs away from the festival and meets the Baker's Wife. Cinderella's Prince chases Cinderella.
  • "Cinderella goes to the festival for the 2nd night"

    "Cinderella goes to the festival for the 2nd night"
    Cinderella goes to the festival again and runs away at midnight. She sees the Baker's Wife again. When Cinderella's Prince comes the bakers wife trys to attack her for her shoe. (The Baker and his Wife need the shoe for a potion so they can have a baby.)
  • "Cinderella goes to the ball for the 3rd night"

    "Cinderella goes to the ball for the 3rd night"
    When Cinderella tries to escape at midnight again she realizes her Prince put tar on the steps to make it harder for her to run away from him. One of her shoes gets stuck in the tar and she leaves it there. The other shoe the Baker and his Wife gets.
  • "Cinderella's Prince searches for her"

    "Cinderella's Prince searches for her"
    Cinderella's Prince comes to Cinderella's house searching for her. Cinderella's two beautiful stepsisters try on the shoes first but the prince realizes the blood in the shoe from when the stepmom cut off a part of their feet. With the first stepsister it was her big toe, with the second stepsister it was the heel of her foot. Then Cinderella tried on the shoe and they rode off on Cinderella's Princes horse.
  • "Cinderella gets married"

    "Cinderella gets married"
    Cinderella and her Prince get married. At Cinderella's wedding the stepsisters got their eyes got plucked out. They became blind.
  • "Cinderella's 2nd wish"

    Cinderella's wish is to sponsor a festival. The song here was "Prolouge: So Happy". The song here was about Cinderella's second wish.
  • "The problem"

    "The problem"
    A Giant comes down from a beanstalk looking for Jack. The Giant crushes Cinderella's Mother's grave, along with a couple of people and a bunch of people's houses.
  • "Cinderella's Prince cheats on her"

    Cinderella's Prince cheats on her with the Baker's Wife. The Baker's Wife is later crushed by a tree because the Giant was walking near her. Leaving the Baker wifeless with a newborn baby.
  • "The Solution"

    While Cinderella was comforting Little Red Riding Hood and the Baker's baby. The Baker and Jack were in the tree waiting for the Giant. When the Giant came the birds plucked out her eyes (the Giant was stuck because Jack and the Baker put down Tar) and Jack and the Baker both hit the Giant in the head with a club causing her to die.