Poland's Economic Reform

By mh13644
  • Period: Jan 1, 1300 to


  • Poland's Time of Strength

    Poland's Time of Strength
    Poland was a very strong European power, at one time ruling most of central Europe.
  • Poland Becomes an Independent Republic

    Poland Becomes an Independent Republic
    Conquered by Prussia and Austria, Poland was divided and did not exist for over 100 years. Poland sucessfully regained their independence in 1918.
  • Poland's Traditional Economy

    Poland's Traditional Economy
    Before World War II started, Poland had a traditional economic system. Poland was primarely an agricultural country.
  • Poles' Start Rioting

    Poles' Start Rioting
    Around the 1950's the Polish workers were forced to give up their land and join collective farms manged by the government. This economic change from a traditional system to command system caused workers to riot. These riots agaisnt the government lastest throughout the 1960's and 1970's.
  • First Day of Reform

    First Day of Reform
    On January 1, 1990 Poland officially began its transformation from a command system to a market system. Reformers were eager to end the government's control over the nations economic system.
  • Lech Walesa is Elected President

    Lech Walesa is Elected President
    Lech Walesa is elected president with 74% of the vote. Lech Walesa has the idea of transforming the government economics system from a command system to a market system.
  • Recession Strikes

    Recession Strikes
    Throughout part of 1990 and 1991 Poland went into a recession. This recession decreased industrial output by about 25 percent. Wages also fell about 25 percent during this period, and the nonexistant unemployment rate rose to 9 percent.
  • Poland's Industrial Revolution

    Poland's Industrial Revolution
    From the year 1994 -1995 Poland expirienced faster economic growth than any other large European country. This meant more jobs, goods and services, and improved standards of living for the Poles. Overall the transformation from a command economic system to a market economic system was very sucessful.