Chapter 25.1 The Unfication of Italy by Jalen Kelley

  • Giuseppe Mazzini called for all Italian patriots to join his young italy movement

    Giuseppe Mazzini  called for all Italian patriots to join his young italy movement
    They were dedicated to spreading the ideas of the risorimento. Mazzini didnt want a pope or a king to rule all of italy. He would rather have a king rule italy.
  • crimean war peace confrence

    The peace confrence ended the crimean war. The war lasted from october 1853 to 1856. It was fought between the russian empire on one side agaisnt the british,french,ottoman and sardina
  • Napoleon III

    Napoleon III
    Seeing Austria as the greatest threat towards the Italian industrialization, Camillo di Cavour proposed an alliance of France and Sardinia against Austria. In exchange for two Italian territories, Nice and Savoy, Napoleon III agreed to help Camillo di Cavour defeat the Austrians. Cavour and Napoleon III secretly planned that if Austria could be motivated into declaring war on Sardinia, Napoleon III of France would send his troops to help drive the Austrians from Lombardy and Venetia.
  • Cavour begins preparations for war.

    Cavour begins preparations for war.
    Austria declared war just like cavour hoped. At first the war went according to plan. Sardinian and French forces drove the Austrians out of Lombardy and marched into Venetia. Italin partiots in Tuscany and Parma overthrew their Austrian rulers and asked to be annexed to the kingdom of sardina
  • 1870 union in italy.

    1870 union in italy.
    In 1870 romes citzens voted for a union in italy. The year after Rome was proclamied the capital of italy. Even though italy was united they still faced problems. Few italians had experience with a self government. Also the country remained divided by cultural traditions and tensions grew between industrialized north and agriculural south.