German Unification Kalin Tellez

By kalbo95
  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna
    In 1815 the Congress of Vienna created the German Confederation. This started the rise in Prussian/ German Power. At the congress Prussia was granted very important territories in Saxton. Prussia absorbed them and they helped Prussia improve their economy
  • William I became the King of Prussia

    William I became the King of Prussia
    William I became king of Prussia in 1861. What he wanted most was to unify Prussia into one big country. He helped Bismark create a form of Nationalism.
  • Otto Von Bismark became Prime Minister

    Otto Von Bismark became Prime Minister
    Otto Von was elected 1 year after King William was elected. Otto was the man for the job because he was a strongwill person who would not back down, one of his main goals like King William I was to make a unified Germany. He didn't like Democracy or Parliment. He also wanted to expand Prussia so that they could be a leading country when Germeny decided to unify.
  • The Danish War

    The Danish War
    The war was between Denmark and Germany.The war was instegated when King Christian came in to power on the Danish throne he wanted to make a new constitution where he tried to annex Schleswig for Denmark. Both Prussia and Austria didn’t like the idea of the new constitution, and the demanded that it be rewritten. Denmark refused to cooperate with Prussia and Austria, so they both declared war on Denmark. Austria and Prussia won the war, but had problems deciding who got the land.
  • The Seven weeks war

    The Seven weeks war
    As Prussia got bigger Bismarck prepared for problems with Austria. To be stronger he formed an alliance with Italy. Bismarck made Austria declare war in 1866 over the Schleswig and Holstein dispute. The Prussians used tactics that weren’t seen yet in the world. They used modern weaponry and defeated the power country of Austria in just Seven Weeks
  • The Franco-Prussian War

    The Franco-Prussian War
    Once Bismarck persuaded the southern states to join the unification he got a telegram form king William I. With that telegram Bismarck altered it to sound as if the king had insulted the French ambassador. It made the French so mad that they declared war on Germany in 1970. The war short but very meaningful. The Prussian army had defeated the French in a few months. Napoleon III had surrendered and the French government had fell
  • Formation of the German Empire

    Formation of the German Empire
    Representatives from the allied German States me in the Palace of Versailles. While there they declared the formation of the German Empire. They decided that the capital of Prussia, Berlin would be the capital of Germany. King William I was made king of the Empire and Bismarck was made the chancellor of Germany. They later called him the “Iron Chancellor”. Germany had a federal type of Government. Each State was individual rule. The Government controlled common matter, foreign affairs, and comme