chapter 25.2 the unification of germany david kida erik deanda

  • Bismarks rise to power

    Bismarks rise to power
    william became king of prissia in 1861 the net year je appointed Otto von bismark to head the prussian cabinet. bismark oppesed democracy and opposed the idea of parliament. he believed that state should hold authority. bismark wanted to expand prussia
  • the three wars of unification

    the three wars of unification
    the first war was the danish war the second was the seven weeks war and the third one was franco prussian war. to complete the unification of germany, bismark had to persuade the indepentant states. bismark accepted a constitution that united the 25 germansstates in a federal form.
  • formation of the german empire

    the treaty ending franco prussian war was not as important as an event that took place before its signing. in january, representatives of the allied german states met in the hall of mirrorsat the palace of versaillies.the emperor, called kaiser headed the government.