Queen elizabeth  1

The Impact She Has On Us Today

  • Period: Mar 24, 1533 to

    Queen Elizabeth's "After Effect"

  • Towards the End

    Towards the End
    Towards the end of her reign, there were a lot of military and economic problems occured. This weakend her popularity to the point of which some people were happy when she did. This impacts us today because it depends on how people thought of her back then to help analize what we think of her today.
  • Elizabeths reign

    Elizabeths reign
    Elizabeth's reign was know as the Elizabethan Era. Famous for making the English Plays popular. Most popular plays were written by William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlow. This impacts us today becuase she made plays famous that we still enjoy today.
  • Personality

    She is described as short tempered, and indecisive ruler. She enjoyed more than her share of luck. This had an impact on us because this could change her "status" or how she is known today.
  • Acknowledged As

    Acknowledged As
    She was acknowledged as a charimatic performer and tough. The government was loosley held together and limited.It jepordized Royale people's thrones when monarchs in close countries faced internal problems. This could impact us today because if she got in trouble for internal problems this could change the history we now know today