Kristin's Life :)

  • I Was Born!

    I was born in Ft. Wayne Indiana on April 15th 1995
  • Big Move #1

    I moved from Indiana to Pennsylvania
  • DANCE!

    I started taking ballet classes:) Don't tell anyone but my brother used to take ballet ;) SSSHHH!!
  • Dislocated My Elbow :'(

    Jumped off of the couch and hit my arm on the fireplace!
  • Big Move #2

    Moved to Thailand because of my Dad's Job
  • Went to Bangkok Patana International School

    We had to wear Uniforms...
  • Started Dance (Again)

    Took Ballet... Again...
  • Big Move #3

    Moved From Bangkok, Thailand to OKLAHOMA!!
  • Another new school...

    Started at SJHS

    I turned 14 :)
  • Became a Freshman

    Became a freshman in highschool:) even though i still go to the junior high...