Texas Revolution Timeline

By a.craig
  • Battle of Gonzales

    No Texas settlers died in this war. The Mexican soldiers fled to San Antonio. After the battle most of the Texans knew what they did, a war was made, so shall it be.
  • Period: to

    Texas Revolution

  • The March of the Mexican Army

    Retreating to San Antonio the Mexican Army didnt stand a chance against these people. Once they surrenderd to San Antonio, the Texans went around the borders of the Mexicans military base, and decided to attack again.
  • Consultation of 1835

    This was really scheduled on the 16th of October, some of the representitaves didnt come at that time, resulting in making the meeting date move to November 4th. There was an arguement at the meeting about dealing with the Mexican government. This caused three factions to develope.
  • The Declaration of 1835

    This declaration means that Texas is separated from Mexico. It also states that a war is in place.
  • The surrender of Mexican forces in San Antonio

    After four days of horrible fighting, the Mexicans sent out a truce document to the voulinteer army.
  • The Goliad Massicare

    Santa Anna decided to bring 5,000 men to San Antonio. Unfortunatly Fannin had to surrender to them, indeed they were most definitely surrounded.
  • Seige of the Alamo

    Santa Anna starts to get serious. When this means war, this means war, am i wrong ? He brings around 2,000 soldiers to the Alamo to fight it out.
  • Texas Declairation of Independence

    The Texans decided to attack the Mexicans during their Siesta. All of the Mexicans died from a surprise attack, meaning the Texans won their Independence.
  • Swearing of the Government Officials

    Now they're going to start to make a new government. Including Stephen F. Austin, Branch Archer, and William H. Warton who were made comisioners. Not last but not least, Sam Houston got the place as comander and cheif.
  • Runaway Scrape

    This was a time of terror for the average Texan. The Texans were frietend, so most left their home and headed toward the east.