Theodore roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

  • Theodore (Teddy)Roosevelt Birth

    Theodore (Teddy)Roosevelt Birth
    Theodore Roosevelt Timeline
    Born in New York City, child of Theodore and Martha Roosevelt. As a young child Theodore suffered greatly from Asthma.
  • Publishes First Book

    Publishes First Book
    Theodore Roosevelt Books
    Theodore publishes his first book, The Naval War of 1812, written partly while he was in college. It set the standard for studies on naval strategy and was required reading at the Naval Academy in Annapolis for many years.
  • Vice President of the United States

    Vice President of the United States
    Teddy Roosevelt
    March 4 - Sept 14, 1901 Theodore Roosevelt becomes the Vice President of the United States with President William McKinley.
  • President of United States

    President of United States
    Roosevelt Oath of Office
    At age 42, Roosevelt becomes the 26th President of the United States and is sworn into office, the youngest man ever to become President (John F. Kennedy was the youngest man ever elected to that office at the age of 43).
  • Roosevelt Death

    Roosevelt Death
    Tribute to Roosevelt
    Died in his sleep at Sagamore Hill of coronary embolism (arterial blood clot) at age 60.