Robert M. La Follette's Life and Legacy

By cc14506
  • Robert M. La Follette's Birth

    This is the birth date of the great progressive reformer Robert M. La Follette.
  • Dane Country District Attonery: A Steping Stone

    In 1880 Robert M. La Follette became the Dane Country District Attonery which was the first step to him becoming a powerful progressive movement leader.
  • The Movement goes National

    On March 4th 1885 Robert M. La Follette become the Representive of Wisconsin's 3rd district and here he would start to fight for progressive ideals and goverement for the people.
  • 1894 : The Progressive Year

    This was the year that the Progressive Faction of the Republican Party ( Called "Insurgents" by some ) started to seriously challenge the ruling, more conservative Stalwarts.
  • An heir is Born

    An heir is Born
    On Feb 6th, 1895 Robert M La Follette had a son named Robert M. La Follette, Jr. who would later take his fathers place as the leader of American Progressives
  • The Second Son is Born

    On this day Robert M. La Follette had his second son Philip La Follette who would continue to fight for the common man of Wisconsin.
  • Robert M. La Follette Becomes Senator

    This is the time when Robert M. La Follette becomes governor and tries to impliment the Wisconsin Idea.
  • Wisconsin becomes the First

    In 1903 Wisconsin becomes the first state in the country to allow direct primaries. which allow the members of a party not the party leaders to chose a parties canidate.
  • The Stalwarts Oppose

    In 1904 the ruling Wisconsin Stalwart faction opposed the nomination of Robert M. La Follette and started to block any and all reform. This caused huge divides in the party and forced the hand of Robert m. La Follette to campaign for moderate republicans and liberal democrats.
  • La Follette's Coalition

    Because the Stalwart faction opposed all reform La Follette "roll called" or read aloud the unpopular, anti populist votes of the Stalwart faction members. And Because of this he created a progressive republican / insurgent, liberal democrat coalition to pass reform
  • La Follette Nominates Himself?

    During this time no one ran for the Senate but they were nominated by the governor, and then confirmed by the state legislature. So in 1905 Robert M. La Follette nominated himself.
  • The Senator

    On January 2nd, 1906 Robert M. La Follette becomes the United States Senator for Wisconsin. In the Senate he would be a powerful voice for Native and African American's, workers rights and the general idea of goverment for the people.
  • The Death of a Leader

    on June 20th, 1925 Robert M. La Follette died but he left behind an amazing legacy of public service and fighting for the people and their rights.
  • The Heir takes the Thrown

    On this day Robert M. La Follette, Jr. become a senator and follows in his fathers footsteps of being an advocate for the disenfrancised. He did this by fighting big business, promoting unions and organized labor and he created the once powerful Wisconsin Progressive Party.
  • The Second Son becomes Governor

    The Second Son becomes Governor
    On this day the second son of Robert La Follette became the 27th Governor of Wisconsin
  • Immortalized by the University

    In 1967 the University of Wisconsin created the Robert m. La Follette School of Public Affairs. Which teachs master degree class in public affairs and international public affairs.
  • La Follette runs for President

    In 1974 Robert M. la Follette runs as the nominee of his own Progressive Party and he carries Wisconsin and 17% of the National Vote.
  • Robert M. La Follette's Legacy :The Congressional Progressive Caucus

    In 1991 five democratic House of Representive Members created the Conressional Progressive Caucus and it is the now the single largest congressional caucus. And the current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a member.