Exploration Timeline

  • Period: Jan 1, 1492 to


  • Jan 20, 1500

    French fishing ships were crossing the Atlantic to harvest the best Cod, by Newfoundland, Canada.

  • Jan 20, 1519

    Hernan Cortes landed on the coast of Mexico.

  • Jan 23, 1519

    Small pox spread amoung the Aztecs and shrank the population.

  • Jan 20, 1521

    Cortes and his Indian allies captured and demolished Tenochtitlan in a brutal battle.

  • Jan 20, 1530

    Spain started bringing Africans to the Americas as slave laborers.

  • Jan 20, 1532

    Francisco Pizarro arrived in Peru.

  • Jan 20, 1540

    A huge amount of silver iss found in Peru.

  • Jan 20, 1542

    Spain passed the New Laws of the Indies.

  • Jan 20, 1550

    Spain has claimed a vast empire stretching all the way from California to South America.

  • Jan 20, 1550

    Mexico was the largest Spanish-speaking city in the worl.

  • Jan 20, 1551

    University of Mexico was established.

  • English built their first colony in North America, Jamestown, Virginia.

  • Harvard was founded, it was the first college in the 13 English colonies.

  • France and England controlled large parts of North America.

  • French forts, missions, and trading posts stretched all the way from Louisiana to Quebec.