First semester timeline

  • telegraph

  • transcontinental railroad

    A railroad that would span the continent and connect the Atlantic and Pacific.
  • homestead act

    the homestead act gave 160 acres of loand to a settler who paid a filling fee and lived on the land for five years.
  • boss tweed jailed

    Boss Tweed was put into jail for fraud.With a bail of 8 million dollars.
  • battle of little bighorn.

    The battle started because of the rumors that there was gold in the black hills.
  • telephone

  • chinese exclusion act

    chinese workers from entering the United States for 10 years.
  • pendleton act is passed

    This act placed federal government employees on the merit system.
  • times zones

    time zones where mainly created so transportation times would be more accurate and made traveling much easier.
  • dawes act

    This law aimed to eliminate the lack of private property and the nomadic tradition.
  • Sherman Anti-trust act

    A federal law that prohibited trusts and monopolies.
  • battle of wounded knee

    350 troops surrounded the sioux tribe to collect all of their weapons,146 men,women,and children of the sioux tribe were killed.
  • ellis island opens

  • model T

  • end of the civil war

  • end of reconstruction