• she was born on march 10,1983

    carrie underwood was born on March 10,1983 in Checotah Oklahoma.
  • underwood sang in local talent shows all around Oklahoma

    carrie underwood begged her mom to take her to local talent shows when she was younger and older.
  • sang the national anthem in high school and college

    carrie had such a good voice she sang the national anthem at almost all the sporting events in high school and thought college
  • very athletic when she was in school

    carrie was verry athletic in high school and college along with many other activites in school.
  • gr5aduated college

    gr5aduated college
    underwood graduated college at NSU Northeastern State University
  • fear of flying

    fear of flying
    underwood was terified of flying on the way to american idol in hollywood she stoped at a gas station and her mom got out and carrie broke out in years she told her dad "Dad i dont want to get on the plane im scared" her dad told her that she could either get on the plane or just go home. But carrie stuck it out and faced her fear of flying.
  • Won American Idol

    Carrie Underwood won AmericanIdol in the 4 seaon in 2005.
  • beagan to show up on talk shows and started to preform

    In the year after her big win carrie was shoeing up on talk shows and started to sing on them too.
  • some hearts hits big

    Alittle while after winning and the buzz has gone done carrie made her first album some hearts.
  • many number 1 hits for carrie nderwood

    In the years atfer winning American Idol carrie began releaseing new songs that left a mark on the top 100 countrey music lits wiht carrie usaly rateing in the top 5 of 100!1 with the new songs carrie underwood wasnt a small town girl anymore now shes known all around the world as an outstanding courtney music artist.