The September Sisters

  • The Disapearance of Becky Reed

    The Disapearance of Becky Reed
    Abigail Reed's younger sister, Becky Reed, is nowhere to be found and there is no evidence of a kidnapping or anything. The police come to their house to question the Reed family, but no one knew anything. This is where the story begins.
  • A Search Party

    A Search Party
    Abigail's dad and his baseball team go on a search party to find Backy the next day since she never returned home. When the father returned, Becky was not with him.
  • Protection

    After Becky's disapearance, Abigail's mom and dad keep a careful watch on her because they don't want Abigail to be kidnapped. Abigail is barely aloud to leave the house by herself and almost always has to be supervised by a parent. Abigail has to go over her next door neighbors house, Mrs. Ramirez, almost everyday to be watched. No more staying home alone.
  • Grocery Shopping

    Grocery Shopping
    Abigail and her father go grocery shopping, they run into a neighborhood friend, Mrs. Olney. She was outraged at Abigail and her family because the police questioned Mrs, Olney's son, Shawn, Abigail later learns that everyone is a suspect in the strange disappearance of Becky.
  • Back to School

    Back to School
    Abigail Reed's first day of school. She returns back to school to find out that her best friend Jocelyn didn't have the same friendship as they did before. People stared at Abigail and whispered about how Becky had disappeared. Abigail was asked to go to the couselors to talk about Becky. Abigial was alone at school and not even her best friend helped her get through the day, Jocelyn was popular now.
  • Happy Birthday Abigail Reed

    Happy Birthday Abigail Reed
    Abigail turns 13, exactly six weeks after Becky disappeared. Her mom makes a birthday dinner, spaghetti (which is Becky's favorite meal). Her mom also tells Abigail to put another plate on the table, where Becky used to sit. The mom thinks that Becky will return in time for her birthday which is one day after Abigail's.
  • Oscar Derricks and the blue van

    Oscar Derricks and the blue van
    The police found the mysterious blue van that was on the road where the Reed family live. We find out in the book that he was never part of Becky's disappearance. The guy makes flower deliveries where Abigail lives only if the regular guy called out. He was also a drug dealer and Shawn Olney, Mrs. Onlney's son, was one of his best costumers. He was charged with drug related crimes.
  • The finding of the sapphire necklace

    The finding of the sapphire necklace
    Abigail is curious to see what the police are doing in Morrows field, a field that is right behind their house. The police are working on the field to find evidence of where Becky might be, or her body. Abigail persuades her babysitter, Mrs. Ramirez, to go to the backyard and be outside. Everytime Abigail does a cart wheel, she looks over the fence on her yard to see what is happening. Looking over the fence would be to suspicious. While doing cartwheels, Abigail finds Becky's sapphire necklace.
  • Finding the sapphire necklace continued...

    Finding the sapphire necklace continued...
    Not knowing that the necklace could have evidence of the kidnapper, Abigail picks up the necklace and shows it to her parents and Mrs. Ramirez. The police are called right away. Detective Kinney wants to take the necklace as evidence, but the mom breaks down and says that it is not the police's to keep, The detective finally gives in and lets the Reed family keep the necklace.
  • The Crash

    The Crash
    For the first time in two months, Abby's mom decides to leave the house. Abby's mom has had emotional episodes ever since her mom died, and with Becky's disappearance on top of it makes it even worse. Abby's dad picks her up from school and takes her to visit her mom. She had a mild concussion and a few really bad bruises. The car was totaled and the mom was not wearing a seatbelt, even though Abby knows that her mom wears her seat belt all of the time. The doctor said she is okay physically.
  • Two People to solve a case

    Two People to solve a case
    Abby's dad hires a private investigator named Hal Brewerstein. He will help out with the case and the police will too. The dad is hoping to find Becky at a faster pace with a private investigator.
  • Mrs. Ramirez's grandson, Tommy

    Mrs. Ramirez's grandson, Tommy
    Mrs. Ramirez's grandson, Tommy, moves from Florida to live with her. He is Abby's age and he will now be her next door neighbor and go to the same school together. At first he shows no interest in being friends with Abby, but they later turn to even be a couple.
  • A dream that keeps being dreamt

    A dream that keeps being dreamt
    Abby keeps having a dream about Becky being kidnapped by a man. The dream seems so real that she actually feels like she should tell the police, even though she knows they won't believe her. Tommy thinks that Abby should tell the police too. Abby disagrees with him because she knows that the police would never listen to her, especially since she is a kid.
  • Trick or Treating and snooping

    Trick or Treating and snooping
    Abby and Tommy go trick or treating together. It isn't just an opportunity to have fun and get candy, but they go around seeing what the people in their neighborhoods look like and if they can see Becky in any of the houses. They are also trying to find suspicious people. Mr. Barnesworth was someone suspicious because Becky and Abby always thought he was very creepy.
  • Cutting School

    Cutting School
    Abby and Tommy skip school together to check out Mr. Barnesworth's house to see if he could be a suspect. Instead of "breaking" into the house, they try ringing the doorbell and acting like they are selling raffle tickets for the school. The nurse of Mr. Barnesworth opens the door and says no to the raffle tickets and we also learn that Mr. Barnesworth was sick . The suspicion of him being the kidnapper disappears.
  • A red car and a familiar face

    A red car and a familiar face
    While Abby and Tommy were cutting school, they saw a strange red car on the main road of their neighborhood. The woman inside the car looked alot like Abby's mom. She was in the car with a man that Abby had never seen before. We later find out who the guy is in the car.
  • Garret Walker

    Garret Walker
    The private investigator, Hal, found out who the man in the red car was, Garret Walker. It really was Abby's mom in the car with him. Abby and her dad were both suspicious, but they didn't say anything about it.
  • A Snow Day

    A Snow Day
    Abby and Tommy have a day off from school because of snow. They go over to their neighbor's house, the Petersons, to sled down a widning hill in their yard. Tommy had never been sledding before because he used to live in Florida. While they were sledding, Abby got her first kiss, from Tommy. The scene is stopped right after Tommy sees a girl in the Petersons house, Abby only saw the curtain being drawn across the window.
  • Breaking In

    Breaking In
    While the Petersons were not home, Abby and Tommy got into their house by going through the small laundry door window. They looked all around the house to find the girl that could have been Becky or at least some evidence. Nothing was found, so they left the house.
  • A body

    A body
    A body was found in Fairmount Park of a little girl that could have been Becky's age , weigth, and height. The body was not identified yet, but all Abby could think about was the body of her sister, Becky. Abby feels sick from the thought of her sister being dead.
  • Anabella Giradri

    Anabella Giradri
    The body belonged to a girl named Anabella Girardi, a missing girl that was one year younger than Becky. This gave the Reed family hope that Becky could still be alive, but still there could be a chance that Becky could be found somewhere dead.
  • More information about Garret

    More information about Garret
    Garret Walker knew Abby's mom through the therapist she saw. He was dealing with the same grief as Abby's mom. His daughter was killed at the age of seven while walking across the street with her mother in downtown Philadlphia. Abby's father started to forbid his wife from seeing him because she believed she was cheating on him for Garret.
  • Gone

    Abby's mom was gone. Abby's father contacted the police to see if they had seen her anywhere. It was clear that Abby's mom was cheating on her husband for Garret.
  • Reappearing

    Abby's mother reappeared and was sitting at the kitchen table when Abby and her father walked in. She begs Abby not to hate her and then tells her and her husband that she is moving out and that she had gotten an apartment on Hardy Street. The mother wants to leave because she feels like Becky's spirit is surrounding her.
  • One Year

    One Year
    It has been one year since Becy disappeared and still no new eveidence. Abby and her father had a memorial service at home where they lit candles and and played Becky's favorite songs as a tribute. Abby and her father worry that Becky will not return and that she could be gone for good.
  • Heart Attack

    Heart Attack
    Mrs. Ramirez, Tommy's gradnma, had a heart attack and found her on the floor not moving. An ambulance is called and she is taken to the nearby hospital. Mrs. Ramirez survives and is okay.
  • Tommy moves back to Florida

    Tommy moves back to Florida
    Tommy's mother drove up from Florida to take him back. Mrs. Ramirez was also moving to Florida because most of her family lived there. Abby would miss Tommy, the first real love of her life. He gave her back the pictures of Becky and her together after he kept them for safe keeping from Abby's father who was going to burn all of them.
  • Found

    Becky was found...dead. She was killed by a man named Jack Turner, who was a neighbor of one of the police men and close friend of Abby's father, Harry Baker. Her body was found right behind Morrow's field where the police were searching. He had died of a heart attack around the time Tommy moved. Becky might have never been found if the people who bought the house decided not to have a pool.