First quatrter time line

  • Invetion of the telegrah

  • Transcontinetal Railroad

    A railroad that started at the alantic and pacific coast and meet in the middle
  • Homestead act

    This gavce 160 free acres of land to anyone that was willing to live there for 5 years and pay a filing fee
  • End Of Civil War

    The war between the north or south, the north win and slavery is abolished
  • End of Reconstuction

    This was the end of the U.S reconstucting itself, the chose the redemer plan
  • Battle of little bighorn

    This was the last win for native americans
  • Boss Tweed Jailed

    Boss tweed colected millions of dollars of illegal payments from companies
  • Telephone was invented

  • Chinese exclusion act

    For ten years chinese workers were band for entering the U.S
  • Time Zones Are Created

    They split up the country into four time zones
  • Pendleton Act Is Passed

    This set up the civil service commission to set up conpetive examinations for federal jobs
  • Daws Act

    stop native americans from privite property and nomatic trading.
  • Sherman Anit Trust act.

    This act was passed to stop monopollies
  • Battle of Wounded Knee

    This was the battle that sitting bull died at
  • Ellis Island opends

    This was the prosses center of immgrants coming into the U.S
  • Modle T ivented