Comp History

  • Schickards calculator

    Had a series of interlocking gears and each gear represented a digit.
  • Period: to

    Mechanical Calculators

    Run By humans without Battery power not much thinking required
  • Pascaline

    Couldbe used to preform addition, subtraction, multiplaction and division.
  • Leibniz Calculator

  • De Colmar's Arithmometer

    De Colmar's Arithmometer
    Frist mass produced calculator ran on a crank. Audsley, A.A. (2002). In the beginning. Retrieved from
  • Difference Engine

    Difference Engine
    Ran on steam power could quickley calculate large tables of numbers. Peter Markiewicz, P.M. (2009). plyojump - computer history. Retrieved from
  • Period: to

    Computers without Human interaction

    At this time computers could preform mathmatical tasks without people.
  • Analytical Engine

    Never completed resembled modern computers
  • The Hollerith Tabulating Machine

    used punchcards opperated with minimal human interaction.
  • Harvard Mark I

    was digital but used decimal numbers rather that binary.
  • Period: to

    Computer prototypes

    a generation of computers that used binary code and vacume tubes to opperate most were made arrounf WWII
  • Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC)

    Frist to use vacume tubes instead of mechanical switches for circutry
  • Collossus

    British computer made to break german codes during WWII

    Used by the army to caluclate the trajectory tables. Mike Muuss , M.M. (2009). Eniac. Retrieved from
  • Period: to

    Frist generation of computers

    All had vacume tubes to store individual bits of data, they also consumed alot of power. They ueed LDA an JNZ code
  • AT&T's transistor

    portable small radios changed the way computers were made
  • Period: to

    Second Generation Computers

    Seccond genertation computers had transiistors instead of vacume tubes this saved alot of space and engery
    -The book just says to late 1950s so i put 58 as end date
  • Univac

    frist commericaly successful computer
  • Period: to

    Third Generation Computers

    Computers that used micro processors to run they were much smaller then previous computers.
  • IBM 360

    IBM 360
    One of the frist computers to use intergrated circuts to run. Graham Kendall , G.K. (2009). Welcome to g53ops: operating systems. Retrieved from
  • DEC PDP-8

    Frist commercially sucessful microcomputer.
  • Mark 8

    Forerunner to modernday computers
  • 6800 8-bit microprocessor

    Devlopeed by motorola
  • Mits Aitair

    1/3rd the price of a volkswagen Bettle 256 kb of memory
  • Apple 1

    Apples frist computer made by steve jobs.
  • Z80 microprocessor

    devolped by Zilog