Matt and marshall

Matt and Marshall Current Events

  • Dog Eating in Australia

    Dog Eating in Australia
    Man in Australia chastized for killing his dog with the intent of eating it.
  • Attack of the Hoes!!

    Attack of the Hoes!!
    Grandma in southern state attacked a reporter wielding a garden hoe. She then fought off the camera man.
  • Frog in Pepsi

    Frog in Pepsi
    A man found frog parts and guts in his pepsi can. Possibly a hoax.
  • Football Hero

    A football player in Mississippi saved the kids on his bus when he tackeled a girl weilding a gun on the way to school. After he took the gun away he had the sense to yell to the bus that he had the gun.
  • Don't Mess with Sasquatch

    Don't Mess with Sasquatch
    A man claimed to see a bigfoot in his backyard. He had video evidence but it was not quality footage.
  • Animal Beatbox Kid

    Animal Beatbox Kid
    Local kid becomes famous after heard making animal noises in a tree. Was hired to as the main animal noise expert in upcoming animated film.
  • Giant Kid

    A 8'1" kid had a hard time finding clothes to fit giant body. Being that tall poses many problems and brings much hurtful names.
  • Cops Love the Wii

    Cops Love the Wii
    Police officers on a drug raid got caught on camera playin Wii bowling for hours. They literally sat around in a house filled with drugs and played the Wii.
  • Mealin' on Goldfish

    Mealin' on Goldfish
    Woman ate her boyfriend's goldfish after they had a fight. Not clear yet on whether he will press charges.
  • Old Lady Fights Off Robbers

    Old Lady Fights Off Robbers
    A 98 year old woman fought off men who tried to rob her in her home. She used her cane as a weapon and fended them off.
  • Sad Times.

    Sad Times.
    I dont think the date is right but oh well. Patrick Swayze is dead and so is Chris Farley, so no more Chippendales SNL skits. A true american hero died.
  • "F" Word Letter

    "F" Word Letter
    Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a letter that when read carefully says "F*** you" down the side. Clearly someone helped him write that because he isn't that smart.
  • Autobots! Roll out!

    Autobots! Roll out!
    Coolest costume ever? I think so. Well worth the $800 price tag.
  • Soccer Man-woman Beast

    Soccer Man-woman Beast
    Elizabeth Lambert, the soccer player from University of New Mexico goes insane and gets suspended from soccer and school. Haha
  • Don't Tase Me Bro!

    Don't Tase Me Bro!
    Cop tased ten year old girl after she got "beligerant". Awesome.
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    The sixth installment of the Harry Potter movie series was released on Tuesday. The movie was rather disappointing, but entertaining nonetheless.