The Witch Revolts

  • Jan 1, 1450

    The Beginning of the Witch Trials

    The Beginning of the Witch Trials
    The Beginning The witch trials began around approximately January 1450. Community members became suspicious of people they had known their whole lives, people who had saved their children and family members lives, people that WERE their family. They were accused of witchcraft and making medicines using their gifts. They lost their trust and were soon after killed.
  • Eliza Nuttall

    Eliza Nuttall
    About Eliza Nuttall Eliza Nuttall , the grandmother of Mary Newbury, lived in a small house that sat up against a thick forest. She had raised Mary from an infant. Eliza soon was accused of being a witch, so was Mary. Eventually Eliza was drug from her home by men to complete their tests to see if she was a witch. She failed them. She died a tragic death by hanging.
  • Mary Newbury

    Mary Newbury
    About Mary Newbury Mary was the young girl raised by Eliza Nuttall. After her grandmother had been killed she was taken in by a young lady that turned out to be her mother for a short period of time. Her mother told her what she was supposed to say about her past so she wouldn't be in danger. Then she was shipped to America where she had a better chance of surviving.
  • Martha Everdale

    Martha Everdale
    Martha was also going to America on the ship Mary was on. She was alone so they decided to pair up. Her husband and children were dead and she was searching for her sisters. When arriving she begins using herbs for medicine in the village.
  • The First Voyage

    The First Voyage
    The people from the community were being shipped to America by ship on the Annabel from England.
  • Jaybird

    [About Jaybird](<a href='' ) Mary is in the woods collecting herbs for Jonah, a man that lives with her and Martha, when she feels her skin prickling like she's being watched. Suddenly an Indian boy steps out from behind a tree. They become friends and he brings her herbs that they haven't never seen before. They are used to make needed medicines in their village.
  • Goody Johnson and Baby

    Goody Johnson and Baby
    Goody Johnson was the Reverend Johnson's wife. She died soon after giving birth. The baby was stillborn and they were burried together.
  • Tobias Morse And Rebekah Rivers

    Tobias Morse And Rebekah Rivers
    Tobias and Rebekah are married. They live with Rebekah's family while Tobias builds them a house on his own land.
  • Mary Leaves

    Mary Leaves
    Obadiah Wilson demands that all people must meet at the Meeting House.Here he accuses Mary of witchcraft.She narrowly excapes and takes refuge in Rebekah's borning room. She is going through her special belongigs when she must leave. This is where Mary's diary ends.
  • The Witch Trials are Over!

    The Witch Trials are Over!
    The trials have been outlawed now and everybody is safe.