The Holocaust

  • Adolf Hitler - Chancellor of Germany

    Adolf Hitler - Chancellor of Germany
    Adlof Hitler Was appointed as the Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933. The population of Jews in Germany was at this time 566,000.
  • The Holocaust

    The Holocaust
    The Holocaust began in 1933. From there it continued into the mass persecution and murder of the Jews. The result was about 6 million Jewish deaths, 1 million of which were the deaths of children.
  • The First Consentration Camp

    The First Consentration Camp
    The Oranienburg consentration camp outside Berlin was opened and expanded rapidly each day. Jews were arrested and imprisoned without any trial of appeal. of the other consentration camps included Dachau, Buchenwald, and Sachsenhausen.
  • Books were Burned

    Books were Burned
    Nazis were ordered to burn the Jewish books. The books were considered to be 'Un-German' ,and were set on fire in Berlin and all throughout Germany.
  • Hitler arrives in Vienna, Austria

    Hitler arrives in Vienna, Austria
    Hitler annouced Germany's union with Austria,then immediately after his speech the Nazis started arresting Jews. There were sings put up that banned Jews from going into certian stores. Some Jews were even forced to scrub the pavement with acid water.
  • The Night Of Broken Glass

    The Night Of Broken Glass
    The Nazi controlled areas in Germany and Austria were attacked on the night that the Jewish know as Kristallnacht. j The windows of the Jewish homes and department stores were smashed and everythimg inside was destroyed. Synagogues were burned as local police and fire departments stood by and watch. The brutality reached out as far as the women and children.
  • Jewish Pupils Expelled

    Jewish Pupils Expelled
    After being forced to stand in the front or in the back of the school buildings, Jewish students were finally expelled form schools all together.
  • Euthanasisa

    All of the disabled throughout Germany were ordered to be exterminated. Hitler considered this as a mercy. Midwives and doctors were required to examine children up to three yaeas old. Then they had to decide wether they should die or not.
  • Evacuation

    The Jews in Vienna, Austria were evacuated from the city on October 12, 1939. This was more than a year after Hitlers arrival in 1938, which started the persecution of Jews in Vienna.
  • Yellow Stars

    Yellow Stars
    The Polish Jews received word that they were required to wear yellow stars to identify them. This let all people know that they were Jewish. It also made it easier for Nazis to pinpoint them in a crowd, so they were humiliated even more.